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Beautiful Words 

It takes grit and determination to change old habits, reaching out for help is often the hardest step... the beautiful words below are from brave souls who have worked and applied themselves with Pad B.  They've walked the walk and now talk about Pad B with love in their hearts. 

I as the following questions when I work with people:

Q1 What was your biggest challenge that you wanted help with?

Q2 How did that make you feel?

Q3 What has changed while working with me?

Q4 What specific results can you share?

Q5 What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with me?

Q6 Anything else to add?

Q7 Do you grant permission for us to feature this testimonial in our marketing and funding materials.

Below are replies exactly as they were written. Although if you are anything like me then spellchecker may make a couple of adjustments. :)

Andy Mastrangelo

Q1 I wanted to settle my overthinking, address my gambling addiction and work on becoming a  better version of myself. 
Q2 It was fairly daunting to begin with, but ultimately something that I grew to enjoy and then    eventually embrace.
Q3 Stu helped me get rid of the things I didn't need, that weren't real or relevant to my situation, and focus on myself and taught me to love myself again.

Q4 I have been in recovery from gambling close to 18 month now, I have a fantastic home life and relationship with my wife and children. My communication has improved dramatically and I have found enough improvement in myself, to then go on and be a founder of my own Men's Mental Health Group which has now been running for 11 months. I owe stu a lot of gratitude for the success that group has had because of the lessons and skills I learnt from him, which I now share with my own life experiences and skills combined.

Q5 Jump in. But go all in. Don't do it if you can't commit because what Stu does is so valuable and if you don't embrace it and buy into the ethos then you won't see the results in the way you'd like. It can't be in half measures. He will change your life if you allow him and you listen and learn. I'm proof of that. 

Q6 Stu is first and foremost a great man, with a great sense of humour, very humble and completely approachable. He is extremely knowledgeable in life coaching and addressing thought processes. To this day I still refer to life lessons I have learnt from Stu

From F

At Christmas, I began to suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety. I attended Pad B with my husband who was suffering from mental health issues and found that the support I received was instrumental in improving my own mental health struggles. I find Pad B to be an integral part of the community, vital to all involved. 

Pad B Review

From K 

Pad B Review

I have been with PAD B for 4 years and what great 4 years I’ve had. I remember my first time at Pad B, it was at the Bethel Church and my councillor had made an appointment to come and speak to Stu Clark, who is a big asset to Pad B. My mam came with me to see what Pad B could offer me with my depression and anxiety. I got introduced to some of the people at Pad B, and it was Mark who asked me if I would like a cuppa because I was scared at first but when I got talking with the others around me I felt safe. 


PAD B is a place of laughter, love, and friendship, we do a lot of activities outdoors, walks, and cycling, and we have an allotment. We go up there with Ria, weeding, and planting, we have a lot of fruit and vegetables growing, and we are allowed to take some home to cook. 


Stu has given me the keys to open up the Pad B building. My role is to keep the kitchen and toilets clean and empty bins which I enjoy doing. Ria got me to volunteer at our local food bank which I go to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. PAD B has been in my heart all this time and will always be in my heart.  

From C

I have been coming to Pad B for about three years and it has changed my life dramatically. Pad B, has helped me with my depression and anxiety by being part of a group of people who offer support and understanding. I started coming to Pad B because I was suffering for a while and I was ok but clearly I wasn't! It took the GP two years to diagnose me. My partner already attended the project so I join and have never looked back. 

PAD B  Review

From K

Pad B Chester le Street.png

I suffer from alcohol addiction, PTSD trauma, depression and anxiety.. I had not left my house in a few years scared of everything, I had no confidence or purpose in life, so I thought. Pad B enabled me to believe in myself again, I have found a group of individuals who understand, and I now call my friends. I am now able to get a daily bus, complete challenging walks, camp and regularly attend group therapy sessions. I laugh, I am sober and starting to explore who I am today. I never thought I would be out of the living hell I was in for so long. Attending Pad B is the best thing I ve done, coming here has changed my life. I m so glad I didn't give up, life is beautiful.

From M

Pad B has shown me there is still life after I'd given up on life. I'm there to support others enjoy our allotment, cycle maintenance, walking and I m now studying map reading and leadership. 

Pad B Review
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