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Transforming the life-threatening effects

of trauma with love.

Whether you have been affected by addiction,

abuse, suicide or stigmatised because of mental health issues

Pad B offers a safe space with no judgement. 

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Our Aims & Objectives 

Pad-B has been six years in the making initially under the umbrella of Durham Christian Partnership. We have expanded the geographical area of operation to the Newcastle area and now work in partnership with Off The Grid Adventures. The project was born out of a desire to help others and from a necessity to provide immediate and consistent support for those in need - no matter what the issue. The Pad B team have created a unique intervention programme offering diverse and effective assistance to individuals who want to change their life choices. You have the power to change and the Pad B team has the patience, understanding, knowledge and experience to encourage and support you make that change.


Raising awareness that there is another option to traditional rehabilitation, and addiction programmes. The Pad B project offers an alternative approach to recovery, nurturing support and highlighting the powerful importance of self belief, mindset and positivity. 

Informal group sessions with an emphasis is on peer support. The Pad B team has a wide understanding of addiction, mental health issues and the impact of an affected individual on the family. Peer support is celebrated at Pad B, the incredible team members all have a backstory, they are shining examples that recovery is possible and with support, guidance and understanding change is possible. Don't sit in the dark, come and find friends who understand your story and will assist you to write the next chapter..

Walking the mind... fresh air, beautiful views, mountain challenges and wild camping is not something traditionally connected to recovery, and that's what makes the activities unique at Pad B, the outdoor pursuit programme is extremely popular and suitable for all abilities.


Pad B is a life changing project which aims to reframe support and guidance to those struggling with mental health, addiction, and loneliness. Too often addiction and mental health issues are hidden from view, or not spoken about until crisis point. Addiction or battles with mental health can happen to anyone, from all walks of life. It is not an individual or family’s moral failing. It is so often rooted in pain, trauma or adverse experiences.


Pad B is trying to reverse the myths surrounding addiction and mental health across the community, so it can become normal to seek help or treatment, and receive the help needed as early as possible – ‘RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE’

The project offers an exciting outdoor pursuits programme, group support and one to one mentoring, or for those who prefer to simply drop in we have a number of community locations in the North East Region.

                        Stu Clark and has first-hand experience of addiction and mental health issues, he understand the dark days, anxieties and deep-seated fear around change…. Unlike traditional or clinical-based support, Stu can relate and understand all the emotions you are experiencing, he can empathise with where you are.


Pad B stands for ‘Press A Different Button’ to do things differently in order to experience life at its fullest. The Pad B programme is based on providing compassion and understanding, supporting those asking for help without judgement, discrimination or stigma. The project centres on providing a safe space to just be, to breathe, to connect, to laugh and rebuild confidence, whilst making the necessary steps to recover at your own pace. 


Pad B offers a strong support network specifically for affected others so they can understand the full extent of the problem and talk with those who can relate to their situation. It offers guidance on how you can help yourself, which in turn will help your family, loved ones, friends and communities, as well as practical suggestions for coping day-by-day and moving towards a more positive future.

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The PAD B and Off the Grid Adventures partnerships brings together two very unique projects combining a wealth of specialist knowledge working with vulnerable young people and adults across the region. The aim of the partnership is to grow the unique activity based mentoring programmes and engage more people onto more programmes. 

Off The Grid Adventures CIC is a Limited Company without share capital and registered with Companies House: 12441039

Pad B programmes and activities operates under the Off The Grid Insurance policy and adheres to all company policies and procedures including Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Data Protection as well as utilising the Substance, Views case management system to protect all confidential data to the highest GDPR standards.

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