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One to One Private Sessions & Programmes.

Is there something you would like a more personal approach with solving? I offer private sessions and programmes that can help you get back on track. Mental Health issues, stress, anxiety, depression, drugs, alcohol, not feeling appreciated or good enough are all issues where I have a proven track record of guiding people towards their true potential.

This is not a one session a week type of help; we will be in regular contact throughout our time together to ensure that you get the results to move forward and live a life free from what is holding you back. Everyone is different, we all think differently, we all act differently, and the way we feel about things is different. Working one to one allows me to tailor the support and guidance specific to you.

Get in touch by using the Contact Us page to arrange a chat where we can discuss your options.  

I have worked and studied with a range of organisations and professionals over many years giving me the tools and skills to offer first class support and guidance. 

Life Coach

NLP Practitioner/Master 

FAA Level 3 Award in supervising first aid for mental health
Qualification Code 603/3770/9 

National Counselling society CPD on Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and Recovery

Mindbody Breakthrough CPD Neuroscience of Addiction and Recovery

Mindbody Breakthrough CePD Trauma, the brain and recovery.

Understanding & treating Trauma and PTSD.

Positive Psychology 

Certified HeartMath Coach.

I have worked, studied and been mentored by people such as Ali Campbell, Michael Neil, Dr Joe Dispenza, Paul Mort, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Pransky, Dr DeMartini, gaining superior knowledge, methodologies and tools that we can use to discover the right way forward for you.

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